Memorial Day 2015


I awoke in a soft bed Memorial day morning in the fabulous Monarch Mountain lodge. As I packed my food and gear for a day out in the cold, Dad flipped through TV stations. After a few minutes of X-men we found a Band of Brothers marathon on HBO.

It was at part 6: Bastonge. Snowy, shelled to pieces and pinned down by machine gun fire, the 101st Airborne slogged through another day of winter. I am grateful for all those boys on the front line who never returned home to their families. Their sacrifice made Europe and the Pacific free and set their American friends back into an era of prosperity and growth.

My brief three hours in the snow, my long nights studying, nothing difficult I have ever done is worth comparing to their sacrifices. Men I never met, many who are now only names on stone, but whose full humanity, whole lives were lost in war.

When I think about my best friends in the Navy and Marines, Ben and Jon, I feel strongly that my duty as an American is to labor politically to ensure that America’s involvement in war is rare, and if armed conflict does arise that the sacrifieces of our Men and Women are honored only with neccessary engagements that make the world a safer and freer place.

War has no honor, it is not noble, kind or brave, Only honoralble men and women who serve, sacrifice, and sometimes die can possess those well earned recognitions.

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