The Road Ahead | Stage 2: Pueblo, CO – San Francisco, CA

The real challenge lies ahead… 1,500 miles and approximately 45,000 feet of ascent across some of the most beautiful scenery in America. With revised riding estimates recognizing my energy limit at 3,000 vertical feet/day and allowing time for more writing, photography and hiking, I expect to make the Utah border by June 3rd, and hit the plateaus of Nevada by June 24th, arriving in San Francisco no later than July 10th, to meet my sister and her friends for a week-long Yosemite backpacking trip.

Unless I can beat my expectations, The Connection Tour terminus may be San Francisco, but the ride there is the ride of a lifetime!

The wonderful people at Adventure Cycling Association have charted the course for bicycle tours across the Rockies on their Western Express Route, which I intend to follow religiously and use their excellent commentary on camping, lodging and cafe options along the route.

Excited for the adventure!!!

Course MAP

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7 Responses to The Road Ahead | Stage 2: Pueblo, CO – San Francisco, CA

  1. Joe VanCleave says:

    We’re following your progress with interest. Thanks for the updates, have a great journey.

  2. Helen says:

    We all wish you a safe trip! We are watching this and admire you for it. From Kathy, Jeff, Rebecca and Helen. Have you seen the amounts of rain we are still getting? Lots and lots.

  3. Helen says:

    Keep some kind of spray with you for the bears and mountain lions!!!

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