Stage One Complete! Austin, TX to Pueblo, CO

Stage1_pg1 Stage1_pg2 Stage1_pg3 Stage1_pg4 Stage1_pg5 Stage1_pg6 Stage1_pg7 Stage1_pg8 Stage1_pg9 Stage1_pg10 Stage1_pg11 Stage1_pg12Post Script: Please remember to support the work of Services of Hope – DONATE to the Fundraiser

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One Response to Stage One Complete! Austin, TX to Pueblo, CO

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great peddling, Jason! I hope you consider a photography book in the future with your hand- written experiences from the Tour as you share here. The pictures you have taken and shared from the road reflect the majestic and powerful nature that blows across America’s landscape and the captivating beauty of open, barely untouched mountains and fields. I like to see your off road camp set-up. I enjoyed the pic of your bike loaded with your gear that you took off the mountain pass road. It allows folks to dream and wonder if they would even have the inner guts to consider being subjected to the harsh outdoor realities and all the preparation if they were in your shoes.

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