Day of Rest in Lamar, CO

This gorgeous Saturday is my first full day in Colorado since I graduated high school in 2008 and took a road trip with my Father to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Colorado is a beautiful State, and one I have always associated with vacation, adventure and rest. I have spent the past seven consecutive days in the saddle, and decided my aches and blisters deserved a day to recuperate before my long 3 day stop in Pueblo.

I lucked out this particular Saturday, the town of Lamar had a giant parade through main street, with just about every local business and association represented, every fire truck in the nearest 20 miles, and marching bands from both Middle and High schools in town.

A mile north of my lodging at the Check In Motel, there was a great breakfast spot called the Hickory Cafe that served a breakfast burrito with green chile sauce, a reminder of my first few years of life in Albuquerque New Mexico with abundant green chile options.

Bicycling yesterday was a real bear as I struggled through a 18MPH crosswind from the south. This same wind sped me on my way north, but cutting against it on the pancake flat floodplains of southeastern Colorado took its toll.

It was absolutely wonderful last night to get a hot shower and shave for the first time in four days. Camping in the great outdoors invites to behold majestic sunsets and the quiet noises of insects and birds, but pushing myself as far as possible each day has attenuated my enjoyment of the tent and grasslands lifestyle.

Pueblo lies 122 miles ahead of me, and I should arrive Monday night. There I will regroup and prepare my gear for the colder tempatures and punishing ascents of the Rocky Mountains. I intend to slow my pace considerably and update more often with pictures and stories from the road.

This afternoon includes caretaking the smelly and soaking wet from rain dirty laundry, and traipsing over to Walmart to evaluate prepaid sim cards for an alternative to my non-existent T-mobile coverage, then carefully weighing the benefits and disadvantages of Steak versus Thai food for dinner.

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