Fireflies, dirt roads and the ghost of Marlin

Day 1 & 2: the ghosts of Marlin, Dirt roads, and fireflies.

Mile 4 hit my first flat. It was worth it though for the sweeping countryside and wide open spaces

My inner tube valve burst ,open. Mile 4 outside the small town called Bruceville-Eddy, where I began riding after a family friend’s memorial in Austin. Every great start, tends to be accompanied by a great anti-climax. Tried to take a short-cut around Marlin, ended up on a lonely dirt road as the sun set. The fireflies were unlike anything I’d ever seen, filling up the entire countryside like a ephemeral constellation.

I rode up to the gate of Falls on the Brazos Park, just as the manager was closing up. I paid my ten dollars, and proceeded to setup my tent on RV gravel. Tired and drained from the modest 25 mile ride, I piecemealed my gear inside the tent, dozing off until the social calls of Possums awoke me. Out of a dead sleep, Possum sound completely otherworldly, like an alien clearing her throat. An hour later, the rain began to pour down with flashes, and roars of thunder.

by the time I awoke just after 0600, the rain had ended, and the sky was beautiful blue with  white puffy clouds.

I took a picture in Marlin of an abandoned building. I call it the ghost of Marlin, a common site throught small Texas towns, now bereft of their former purpose. I could also call my stamina a ghost this day. My strength gave up around mile 40, and I dragged myself to mile 53 before setting up camp underneath some very thorny trees. I rode about 10 miles today on gravel, and did enjoy the solitude, but felt the extra effort in my waning knees. Far short of my planned 93 mile ride, but today is over, and it’s time to recover what strenth I have for tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Fireflies, dirt roads and the ghost of Marlin

  1. John Powell says:

    Thanks for the post Jason!!

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